How to share or download booking info?

Once you’ve made a reservation/booking, you get an overview of the booking details attached to the booking confirmation as PDF. Additionally you can navigate to the booking detail page and download the PDF from there. You can find all your bookings in the bookings dashboard. The link can be found below the pricing breakdown.

To get this information as a PDF, click "Export booking as PDF" under the pricing breakdown. This way, you will download a PDF file that you can send (as quote) to your colleagues without having them to log in to Spacebase. Please note that these summaries will have pricing and payment details included if present.

Note: This PDF is only available to bookers. If you are a provider and want to download the booking details you need to print the booking page.

Invite your guest through an "access pass"

 Once a booking is confirmed, you can invite colleagues or guests through our guest management tool. This way they get an email with a PDF, that includes info only about the contact person, address and directions of the space. To do so click "Invite guests" at the top of the booking page and then add your guests 1 by 1 by adding their email to the list. You can see a preview of all the information they receive by clicking on "Preview Email"