Where can I find my Space profiles and the corresponding Space IDs?

  1. You can find your Venues by clicking on the tab "Venues" in the upper right corner. This will take you directly to your created Venues with the corresponding Spaces.

2. The Venue or Space ID is marked with "#". You can find the IDs either in your Venue list as shown in the image or in the URL if you edit the Space directly.

How can I edit a Venue or Space?

From your venue list: https://www.spacebase.com/dashboard/spaces/ (replace domain if looking at it on Deskbookers or Eventsofa for example)

Under "Edit" you can edit your Venue /Space and in the preview, you can see the information you have filled out so far, as it will be displayed at the end for potential customers. 

Each card represents 1 venue: to edit the Venue click "Edit" in the top section of the card. To edit a space click "Edit" on the respective space.

Here you can also create additional Venues and Spaces. 

If you have questions or problems with your Space, please give us your Space or Venue number when you contact our team. This way we can help you even faster.