How do I enable the Safety-First-Badge in my space profile?

For space providers

The Safety First Badge highlights the spaces which have the following measures in place, to guarantee a safe and optimal experience for bookers. The following factors must be respected:

  • A minimum separation of 1.5 meters can be maintained between participants.
  • Enough hand disinfectant for all guests
  • Tissues
  • Sealable bins
  • Enough hand towels for all guests
  • Individual pens and paper for each guest
  • Facilities for all guests to be to wash their hands with soap
  • The space can be ventilated and well-aired
  • Information available for guests, for example concerning hand hygiene. English-language information posters can be accessed on the WHO website.
  • All surfaces, including boards, handles, screens etc., are thoroughly cleaned before each booking

You should still keep informed regularly about local conditions where you are. For Germany, for example, the latest information can be found (in English) on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

You can find an overview of your venues and spaces here. Next to your spaces, you see the field "Edit". Click here to get to your space settings. If you now click on "you will find the section "Safety First: Covid-19".

Please note that all boxes need to be checked and the capacity in safe distance seating needs to be filed out. The badge will automatically be shown on your profile.