How can I publish my Venue and my Space?

To get bookings and earn money please make sure that you created a Venue and a Space Profile. Only a Venue profile is not enough to get bookings.

Once you registered and created your first Venue profile you can then publish your profile yourself. Make sure to add a Space profile that you can also publish yourself. Now you can start earning money!

Once you published your first space please make sure to edit your Venue and Spaces once again and add a Description, Prices, Extras, and Opening Hours. You can do this here.

Here are some relevant tips for you:

  • If you want to unpublish or deactivate your profile please contact our Team, they will take care of it
  • The more information you fill out in your space profile the more bookings and request you will get 
  • Make sure to understand the difference between your Venue and Space profile
  • You can edit your profiles and add new spaces anytime, just will find an overview at your Venue list