How can I block days in my calendar?

To block individual days in your calendar, you first need to go the Spacebase calendar of each Space.

You can find an overview of your calendars here. You can also go to your Spaces Dashboard and click on 'Preview' next to the Space you want to change Below the pictures you see now a button 'Calendar', just click here to go to your calendar settings.

Once in your calendar settings, you have the possibility just to click on the day you want to block. A grey block appears on the selected day. 

Pro Tip:

1. To change the blocked hours you can use the arrows that appear when you move the mouse to the bottom of the grey block. Now just click and move it up or down to adjust the time.

2. To unblock the day just click in the grey block again to make it available.

If you want to block a long time period we will recommend you to create an event on the calendar you have linked to your Spacebase space. The space will then been shown as unavailable. 

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