How do I allow the auto-invoices ?

How do I allow the auto-invoices ?

From now on we also offer you the possibility to create your invoices via auto-invoices:

Auto-invoices means that a credit note will be created automatically. This amount will then be paid out to you. A billing receipt created by us will then serve as a voucher for your accounting.

These are the advantages:

  • You save time and do not have to send invoices to us.
  • Credit notes are issued 3 days after the event so you still have time to adjust the booking in the portal.
  • 30 days later after the booking you will receive the money in your account. 

How to adjust?

  1. Go to your venue profile under the Booking section as in the image below.
  2. In the Invoice section, add "Automatic payout creation per booking" (you can also select "Monthly automatic payout creation").
  3. Make sure your IBAN and BIC are correct. 
  4. Include the billing address so we can add it to the credit.