Switch to direct booking

Our customers love it: the direct booking. A large part of our meeting room bookings already go through this automatic confirmation. In order to make booking as easy as possible for our customers, there will be fewer and fewer exceptions to direct booking in the future (post-Corona). 

What do you need to know?
Automatic confirmation: Your profile will work with the automatic confirmation after the change, so you will have less work and potential bookers will have an even better experience with your space. Once auto-confirmation is activated, all bookings and reservations will be automatically confirmed when your calendar shows availability.  
Tips and tricks: 
1. calendar: You have the possibility to link your electronic calendar directly to our system, so your profile is always up to date and you only get booking requests that really fit. As soon as you have a confirmed booking/reservation, it will of course be displayed in your calendar.
You can find the calendar of your space under "Availability". Go to your Dashboard and click on "Edit" next to the respective Space. Now you will find the page "Availability". You can manage both your opening hours and your calendar settings here at any time.
Opening hours: To avoid booking requests outside opening hours, you can of course set these. You can also edit them under "Availabilities".
3. booking rules: You don't want to receive booking requests at too short notice or don't want to commit too far in advance? That's no problem either. You can set individual booking rules for your spaces, which you can easily find under "Bookings" in your space settings. To do this, go to your Location List and click on "Edit" next to the Space. 
If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us or make a phone appointment with our team directly here.