How do I create a booking within the Company Account?

Start booking by choosing the desired Space either from your personal favorites, your Company Account Wishlist or select from the overall Spacebase Portfolio.

Here is a Guide on how to book generally.

Step 1 and 2: Fill with your CheckIn Data and number of attendees.

Step 3 - optional: Your Company Account might be connected to an individual Package with a special Rate for your Company. If you choose the package you will automatically get all the Extras and the special rate that got negotiated for you. If you choose a package you can skip Step 4.

Step 4: If no Package for you created, please choose the Extras (Drinks, Food or Equipment) you need.

Step 5: Once you create a booking as a member of a Company Account you can see the associated Company Account here. It's prefilled, no action needed. Please note that all bookings are being reported to the managers of a Company Account if you choose to bill it to the company.

Step 6: Please choose whether you want to bill this booking to a Company Account, if you do so, you will see all the supported payment methods and choose from a set of pre-defined invoice addresses. Please note that you can not submit a booking with a different invoice address.

Once a booking is submitted you can see it regularly in your booking overview. Additionally managers of a Company Account have viewing access to see bookings for reporting purposes.