I'm using Deskbookers for Partners Backoffice for my own bookings

Deskbookers for Partners support will be stopped by 30.09.2021.

We have a lean alternative for you to create bookings for your clients and process them conveniently through our existing payment and billing structure. Reach out to find out how we can support your use-cases. Book a call here: https://calendly.com/julian-spacebase/db4p-transition

For the transition period

  1. Availability data and “already booked” or “blocked” dates are automatically synced between our sites to prevent duplicate bookings. Therefore you can see all blocks on both schedules: https://www.deskbookers.com/en-gb/schedule/ or in DB4P
  2. For data compliance and legal reasons full Booking data (Names, Payment, Extras) isn’t shared across sites. Therefore booking lists only show you bookings that originated on the respective site and you can edit bookings on each site only:
    1. https://www.deskbookers.com/en-gb/dashboard/bookings/ for incidental bookers & company accounts
    2. partners.deskbookers.com for Bookings created by you

Please note: If you are using our Booking Tool see more details here. Booking Tool bookings are to be found on partners.deskbookers.com until 01.08. Bookings made after this will automatically be visible on www.deskbookers.com