I have the booking tool integrated into my website

We are replacing the existing booking tool technology with our own solution and provide a seamless switch for you by 01.08.2021. If you have any questions, book a call here: https://calendly.com/julian-spacebase/hnk-transition

We will do the heavy-lifting on the tech side and you don't have to change anything.

What will be different:

  • All bookings made after 01.08. will be displayed in your Booking Dashboard. Bookings made before that will be accessible to bookers & you through old site
  • Bookings are processed through Deskbookers B.V. as merchant on record utilising existing payment & billing structure
  • Bookers will be asked to create a new account
  • The booking flow will be improved reflecting the elements that are used on the new site
  • Future bookings will be charged 2% commission on the gross-booking value

Data to be updated (from 01.07. onwards):

  • Extras & Packages need to be updated on deskbookers.com if they aren’t already
  • Special Agreements & Rates of your clients need to be updated/reviewed