Our Rate & Pricing Principles: Why Rate-Parity & Fair Commission are important

Pricing and respectively rate discussions are a very sensible topic and require a lot of thought. Over the years we have developed a strong understanding of the underlying fundamentals and we have formulated the following principles for you as a space provider as the basis for our partnership.

In essence, as a space provider, you need to:

We outline more details for each aspect in a separate FAQ article. At the core we believe that it is our purpose to provide you with new clients/leads and manage the matchmaking as efficiently as possible for all parties involved, while at the same time respecting each other's interests.

Finding new clients is the hardest part of running a professional meeting space. As clients have a vast choice of available spaces and booking channels it is important that we can convince them with a compelling offer through our site when they are ready to convert. Therefore we need to make sure that your space offering on our site is as good as any other channel that you serve, including direct to client. If this is not the case, the marketing and service mechanisms that we developed over the years will not work effectively and we can therefore not generate as much business for you as we would love to. We will do everything in our power to acquire clients for you and to create a great experience for them. When in doubt, we believe that serving our bookers is what is key to generating more bookings  for you.

Consequently, if you 1) provide us with the best available rate that you will offer to incidental bookers, 2) consider the Spacebase Commission in this price and 3) differentiate your pricing with regard to extras and time-slots we are certain that we can bring significant clients to your space and create a very valuable partnership. 

Our Commitment to you as a space 

We will do our best to:

  • Acquire new clients for your space
  • Make it near seamless to handle booking requests via technology
  • Handle payments for you fully automatically
  • Suggest your space and create awareness where possible
  • Take care of fraud-prevention and conflict resolution so you don’t have to