How can I activate a company account event package?

Company Account bookers have the option during booking to choose from predetermined event packages that are custom to their company. This simplifies the booking for our frequent users significantly and ensure that all the required extras are always available at their preferred spaces and that the bookers book within the procurement policy that the purchasing department defines for their teams. We call these packages "Agreement Packages"

Agreement Packages that are available to you are displayed in the "Packages" Tab on the Location Edit Page. Agreement Packages are only available if your Space or Venue is already connected to a specific company account. If you feel that you are missing a relevant account here please get in touch with our team through the contact form on this page.

To activate a package for your venue and spaces click on the respective agreement. A modal will open that asks you to activate the package. Please note that the infos are read-only at this stage and cannot be changed just yet. 

Once the Agreement Package is activated you can see it in your list of active event packages.

By clicking on the event package you can edit the package details. For agreement packages the info/details that you can change are limited to:

  • Price for the package and how it's charged (e.g. per day or per person). Note: The companies set a target price for the agreement package when creating it. We highly suggest to stay below that rate and to keep the initial pricing calculation logic.
  • Which spaces/venues this package should be available at. Note: We suggest to activate all agreement packages for all your venues in case more of your spaces are added to a company account. By default we will make it accessible to all venues. If you would like to limit to certain venues please opt-out in the "Advanced Options" section.

All other elements are defined by the company and cannot be changed by you. 

Please note there are also some "Staff Pick" Packages that we suggest you to explore and add to your venue to offer more options to your clients.