How do I update the extras of my space?

You can optimize your profile by adding/updating the extras you are offering to your bookers: 

1. Go to your venue list to find your venue - See FAQ

2. Edit your venue

3. Go to "Extras" Tab

4. You can now click on each of the extras and add the matching description to your space and add the pricing (incl. the commission)

Please Note:

  • The description allows you to go into more details and define for your customers exactly what to expect when booking the extra.
  • You can add a one-time Service Fee. This service fee will only be added once to the booking (independent of how often the extra is booked). Think about it similar to a delivery fee for catering.
  • Some extras are marked as "supplied by Spacebase". These are basic extras that we expect everybody to be able to provide. If you cannot provide it we usually have third-party partners that can provide it (e.g. like a caterer). However we highly suggest you to mark those supplied by Spacebase extras as available too and provide a price. That way the booker will be able to book it directly with you and you will also earn on the extra.

Why am I limited to certain extras?

The extras are limited to the main elements that users request. In order to simplify the booking process for users we streamline and standardise the selection for them. Therefore we ask you as a space provider to provide the standard set of extras as they are standardised throughout the platform.

If you would like to detail the service delivery of a particular extra you can always do that by detailing the description.

In rare circumstances we add custom extras for selected venues. If you are providing a great extra that doesn't fit our list of categories please reach out to us through the contact form.