How to get going with my Company Account?

Admin steps for a perfectly set up Company Account

There are a few administrational steps required from your side to get going with the Team in the Company Account:

  1. Registration on Spacebase: Your mail has been registered and set as an Admin from Spacebase Staff. Follow the mail of registration and set a password on

You are able now to access your Company Account. LogIn and you'll see a Dropdown Menu on the top right corner. Click here on your Companys Name to access your settings of the Company Account.

  1. Manage your Team: You can add colleagues to your Account and let them book via Spacebase. More information on how to do that: here
  2. Set up your Wishlist: here
  3. Introduction of your Team: Spread the word with your colleagues and let them know how to work with the Plattform. Here you can find a template you can use for internal communication.
  4. Start booking: Get going and start with your first booking. Here you can find more details how to do that.
  5. Get your reportings: Get into your Company Account and click on "Bookings". As an Admin you will find here all the bookings that have been created from all Users:

Choose between an export as an excel file or as a csv file.