Deskbookers for partners Transition guide

1. Where can I log in and manage my venue?

Logging in and managing your new profile is possible via If you previously used the partners.deskbookers environment, log in to with these details. 
Logging in does not work, then request a password with the emailaddress you used on partners.deskbookers before.

You can find your venues and spaces in your venue list (see image).

In the venue list, there is a difference between venue and space.

Make sure the information in your location and spaces is up to date so there are no incorrect bookings. Do you need help customising your room profile? See if your answer is available among the following instructions:

2. Prices

Price setting
The prices for the spaces can be set up via 'edit' on the space. Then the "booking" tab.

Prices are set per space based on time. The extras have a price per person. Information on setting the price can be found here:
Do you have a different way of pricing or a price agreement with a particular booker. Look at our options on the space profile, but also at the possibility of setting up packages through your venue profile.

Discount codes
There is a possibility to add discount codes for a booker, go to the menu, open "bookers" and click "discount" at the desired booker.

3. Customise description

You can change the description of your space under the profile tab. 

4. Blocking a space

Go to schedule. Choose the calender you want to block. 
Click on the time in the calendar that you want to block. You can drag the box and make it smaller or larger by clicking and dragging up or down at the bottom of the box.

5. Invoicing

All invoicing to the customer is done by Deskbookers/Spacebase. The customer can find an invoice in the booking.

When an entry is paid out, it appears on the payout invoice. This can be found under the heading 'payouts'.

Check your disbursement data under your venue profile > edit > tab 'booking'.

6. The bookers overview

The bookers overview can be found in the top right menu, open 'bookers'.
You can use the 'search and filter' to search for a booker.  
Please note that accounts owned by deskbookers have been transferred to the new environment. Bookers who were under the ownership of your location will have to create a new account to confirm with the new terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Adding a new customer:
1) The customer can create an account and make a booking through your space. 
2) You can make an initial booking for the customer, as a result of which the customer receives an e-mail with the reservation and the option to complete a Deskbookers account (see instruction 'making a booking'). The booker must accept the reservation before it becomes a confirmed booking.

7. Searching, accepting and creating a booking

Use the schedule as your week overview or day overview. In the schedule you can see all your rooms and bookings.

In the first view you see a calender with all your bookings. 
To have a look into one space for this week, click 'filter by venue or space'.

When you click 'change view', there is an overview with all your rooms for a certain day, a day overview.

The booking overview can be found at the top of your screen under 'bookings'.

Click on 'search and filter' to search for a booking. 

Search for example by date or booking number. 

If your profile is set to automatic confirmation/direct booking, bookings are automatically accepted. If this is not preferred, please change this in your space profile:
When you deactivate this, you will first receive an email with a booking. You can then confirm or reject this yourself.
TIP: Activate automatic confirmation to be as attractive as possible for customers.

Creating a booking
Make a reservation for a booker: Go to the menu, open "bookers" and reserve a space for the desired booker.
Instruction video:
The booker receives an email and must accept the reservation. 

Preferably, the booker makes a booking himself.
Instruction video:

Contact details

Contact for venues:

Contact for bookers: