What is a quote?

A booker can request a quote on your venue, when your venue contains more than 1 spaces.
This request might be helpful when a booker is interested in booking more spaces in your venue at one time or when they want to book your whole venue at once. 

If a booker makes this request, you as a space provider will receive the following message:Here you can select the space you would want to offer.
Coloured means selected and grey means not selected. 

Then fill in the price you want the booker to pay for the combination of spaces. 
If there are extra's requested, there will be another row under 'item' where you can fill in the price to be paid by the booker. 

By clicking on 'confirm offer', you provide the quote to the booker. 
By clicking on 'decline request', the request will be declined. 

When you scroll a bit down in the request, you will find the booking information:Click on 'conversation' to get in contact with the booker.