Offering Desks and Day Passes

If you would like to offer individual desks to book, there are two things to do:

First: activate the day pass package - this is for bookers who are booking a space from you and would like additional desks -> 1.
Second: create a "space"-profile in your venue that can be used to request desks without booking another space -> 2.

1. Activate Coworking Day Pass Package

  1. Go to your venue edit page, click on "packages".
  2. "activate" coworking day pass (you can adjust price and description after you added it to your venue)
  3. wow, done

2. Add a "desk" profile

  1. Go to the "spaces" list on your venue.
  2. "add" a space
    1. The Venue Type should be "Office Desk" 
  3. Name it (e.g. "Flex desk in coworking area") and add a description with some details
    1. Please include the setting of the desk (e.g. in public area)
    2. mention the overall number of desks
    3. mention how to book more than one desk (e.g. click the number of day pass packages)
    4. add some personal flavour (what makes your space different from others)
    5. The "maximum capacity" should be the total number of desks that you can rent out
  4. Add pricing, picture, etc. 
    1. The pricing should be per desk per day
  5. Make sure this space profile is "on request"
  6. if a booker would like to book more than one desk, we recommend using the "day pass" package from above