Deskbookers locations distributed to Spacebase

What are we going to do

  • Over time, we will be moving all Deskbookers business to and - ultimately - sunset

Why are we doing this?

  • We are aiming to offer the single destination for customers to book their meeting and workshop rooms
  • This way, we can direct additional bookings to you - particularly from international clients
  • In the long run, a single platform will generate more revenue for your business

What is going to change?

  • We will start showing your venue not only on but also on
  • For this, we will be using exactly the same data, pictures, prices on both sites. In the process of moving over, we might SEO-optimize some of the descriptions text. 
  • All bookings will show in the same list - regardless of the source
  • On, customers will be able not only to book, but also to reserve a space
  • In the next months, we will merge the legal entities - so your contract partner will change as well (separate communication to follow)

Will the software interface change?

  • No, and are already running on the same software platform. 
  • All data and processes will stay on the same platform
  • The colors and branding might change a bit

Can I opt out of this?

  • Yes and no:
  • Of course, you can un-select in your venue’s distribution tab
  • Nevertheless, there will be less and less bookings for you if you are not on

What is the timeline

  • First, we will be moving our venues (you) to 
  • Secondly, larger customers will start to transition to
  • Third - over time - individual customers will start to transition to 
  • At some point, we will switch off - but this will take time and we will communicate beforehand

You have any questions and would like to get in touch, please plan an appointment here: