Payment process for bookers

Spacebase has a robust booking payment process for bookers that strives to ensure hitch-free booker experience and the creation of maximum value for all stakeholders. The current payment process is summarized below.

You are charged for the booking as soon as the payment is due normally after the booking submission. You can pay for your bookings using one of our payment methods. Payments for company account bookings are usually done with invoices and companies can enable collective invoicing so that bookings within a given timeframe are invoiced together. Company account holders can choose to be invoiced weekly or monthly for the collective invoicing in the profile setting section shown below. You can learn more about company accounts here

Those that wish to pay for the booking after the event can book for “Late Payment” as an extra service when making the booking or after the booking in the ‘adjust booking’ section of your booking detail page. You can then pay until one week after the event.

If you are booking a space in or in the USA, you are not able to pay through the Spacebase platforms. As per our terms and conditions the payments may be handled by the space provider directly. In that case, the space provider will contact you regarding when the payment is due. Apart from these cases, space providers are not allowed to ask for payment outside Spacebase platforms and you can know more here

After the booking payment, the invoice (which in this case is a receipt that serves as proof of payment) is automatically generated within five minutes or less. If you made a booking without settling the payment, the invoice (request for payment) will be generated after two days. It is also possible to change the invoice address or add specifications during or after your booking.

For booking changes that warrant outstanding payment, the invoice replacement will mark the booking as unpaid until the outstanding amount is paid. If you cancel your booking or make changes to your booking such as removing requested extra services, your booking will be subject to our cancellation and refund policies. With timely cancellation, that depends on the specific cancellation rules of the space you booked, refunds are issued within fourteen working days. “Late Cancellation” can also be booked as an extra service when making a booking or after booking in the ‘adjust booking’ flow - you can then override the cancellation policies and cancel later than specified if the need arises.