Payout process for providers

The payout procedure for providers starts with the providers choosing either manual invoicing or automatic invoicing.

  1. Auto-invoices: The space providers can allow auto-invoices whereby Spacebase automatically generates and issues credit notes for the payment objects. The credit notes are issued to the providers three days after the event so that they can still make any relevant adjustments. In line with our payment terms, providers can choose payouts per booking or monthly payments.
  2. Manual Invoices: The provider creates the invoice including all the required information and upload it to the booking page after the event. The compulsory information that must appear on the invoice is listed here. If a booking was cancelled and you can't find the invoice upload button but would like to charge cancellation fees, you can send us an email.

The desired payout method can be set in the venue profile under the booking section as shown below. You can also view and download your invoices as well as update your bank details.