What are the different filters?

You can filter to find the right space as follow: 

  • Portfolio: Workshop or Events, according to the purpose and the size of your event
  • Guest number: Please select the range according to the number of participants of your event.
  • Price range: Select the range of the price per hour you are willing to spend for this event. Extras will come on top of this price for most of the venues.
  • Venue type: If you have a special request, and you are willing to have the meeting in a specific type of venue, select some of the venue types to only see those venues in the search.
  • Covid-19 proof spaces: We have asked our venues to let you know if they have Covid friendly. Make sure to add this filter in order to only see the venues that will welcome you in the most covid-secure way.
  • Easy Cancellation: Only spaces with flexible and moderate cancellation policies will be shown, in order to stay flexible in uncertain times! 
  • Hero spaces: By filtering here you will only see our recommended spaces in your search. Hero spaces are verified spaces that have live availability and the best reviews. (Learn more about the Hero Badge here)
  • Instant booking: When you filter for only instant booking spaces, you will only see that activate the instant booking: which means that your request will be directly confirmed or reserved. 
  • Hourly Meeting: If you need a meeting for a few hours only, this filter will be the best for you.