What is a reservation request?

Did you receive a reservation request?  Congratulations! Someone is considering your space as their next location. 

Now you have  4 hours to confirm the booking and after you’ve done so, a booker has 3 workdays to turn the reservation into a booking. 

A Reservation Request is a non-binding request by the Booker for your Space or Venue. The Booker has already seen the price of your space and extras in the profile and would like to place an Option/Reservation. Once you confirm the reservation request, the reservation will be blocked for the booker for 3 days. If you don't confirm within 3 days the reservation will be auto-rejected. Please mind that rejections significantly harm your profile and search position and will negatively affect the amount of bookings that you receive from Spacebase.

To confirm the request into a binding booking, the booker needs to actively "confirm" the reservation through our site and provide billing and payment details. Until then a reservation is not a legally binding booking. If the booker doesn't confirm within 3 days or cancels the request, the reservation will be auto-cancelled and your schedule will be freed again to accept new bookings.

Pro-Tip: Activate Auto-Confirm to immediately confirm all booking requests and make more revenue. Auto-Confirm spaces are preferred by bookers and show up higher in our search-rankings.

See the different booking flows here: Spacebase Booking Flows