How to differentiate pricing and set it up correctly?

Our clients are largely focused around self-service and making bookings efficiently and fast. Therefore clients expect to be able to customize a booking by themselves and respectively view a price during checkout that reflects their chosen configuration for the booking. 

Our platform is built so that it defaults to standard price values which you can incrementally make more granular based on your strategy.

Here is a list of pricing options and where to find them on your space dashboard 

We propose the following steps to refine your pricing strategy:

  1. Start with the hourly “Fair Rate” that represents the standard rate for your space without any special agreements, discounts or markups. This is the only info we require from you during signup.
    1. Read more about what a “Fair Rate” is here
    2. If you cannot provide an hourly rate, reach out to us for help. You have the option to not provide a standard rate but in that case your space will be “On Request” meaning that bookers have to ask you for a quote when trying to book. This booking flow is performing significantly worse (ca. 90% less bookings) than for most of our clients and we only suggest it for venues with more than 50 people or usually very complex booking requests.
  2. Refine the space rates considering different time structures for the hire (e.g. daily, half-hour or explicit slots)
  3. Let your guests know what the prices are for your equipment and catering extras.. Customers want to know how much your space costs before they make a request. 
    1. When deciding on which equipment and catering extras you will be able to provide, please keep in mind that we try to ensure that every space on Spacebase is equipped with a flipchart, projector and screen. It's also very important that guests can at least count on water, tea and coffee. Please set reasonable prices for extras and make it affordable for your customers. 
  4. If there are any additional fees that will be charged for every booking, e.g. cleaning fee or service staff, we suggest including in the overall price of your space. You can read more about cleaning fee here. 
  5. Packages can be customized further and represent “bookable” units that can include several extras as standard and optionally your space already by default. You are even able to provide specific landing pages for packages that are built to convince clients about a great experience in your space
  6. Once you are considered a preferred venue by one of our company accounts you’ll receive more pricing options to customize rates for your frequent clients. We will usually reach out to optimize the rate for your space given the volume commitments that come with the status.

Please make sure to only enter net prices (excl. VAT).