How to decide on pricing?

When deciding on pricing for your space, it's very important to consider the customers’ perspective. Your bookers want a clear and transparent pricing model. Guests don't want to pay exorbitant prices for spaces. What does this mean for you?

  1. Let your guests know what the prices are for your space, equipment and catering extras. Don't leave your profile ‘on request’. Customers want to know how much your space costs before they make a request. Please make sure to only enter net prices (excl. VAT). 
  2. If you aren't sure about the pricing, take a look at comparable spaces (size, location). We also suggest that you start with lower prices and once you get many bookings, you may adjust the prices in order to see what works best for you. 
  3. Although you have two options - hourly or daily pricing (read more here) - on Spacebase, we suggest that you set hourly price for your space. Since your guests benefit more this way, because of flexibility, it’s more likely that your space will be booked on an hourly basis. If you want to offer hourly rates but also need to earn a certain amount of money, you can set a minimum booking price (e.g. the price for 4 hours). 
  4. If you have different price models (e.g. for evening/weekend bookings), please only enter the price at which your space is booked the most. So you could set the weekend price, if your space is usually booked on weekends. You can also let customers know more about different rates in the description of your space. 
  5. When deciding on which equipment and catering extras you will be able to provide, please keep in mind that we try to ensure that every space on Spacebase is equipped with a flipchart, projector and screen. It's also very important that guests can at least count on water, tea and coffee. Please set reasonable prices for extras and make it affordable for your customers. 
  6. If there are any additional fees that will be charged for every booking, e.g. cleaning fee or service staff, we suggest including in the overall price of your space. You can read more about cleaning fee here

Make customers happier and your life easier with setting a hourly/daily price for your space. If you have any further questions regarding pricing, please contact your Spacebase team.

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