How to write a perfect description for my Space?

The space with the best booking rates are not on top of the website by chance - they understood the importance of having a nice and clear profile for each venue and have worked for that.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use website and process, Spacebase gives you the keys to advertise and promote your space properly and quickly. Fill in the different sections regarding the contact and basic information about your space and then start writing a description of your venue. You are the person who knows your space best, which means you can define its distinctive characteristic specifically. Here are some tips on how to add high-quality information in the space description and help guests better understand your space when they are considering sending an inquiry.

English First...

As our customers come from all around the world, all the spaces listed on Spacebase need to have an English description. Fill in the "Description (English)" part in the CONTENT section of each of your spaces' profiles.

...then, local translation!

Scroll down the page of your space profile and fill in the "Translation" section with the translation of the English description in the local language where your space is located.


You are free to write the description of your choice for your space, if you respect our content policy. In order to stay clear and make sure you don't forget to mention any relevant information, we suggest you to make use of the following layout:

  • Basic characteristics of your space

Is your space an abandoned train station or turn-of-the-century art gallery? Maybe you are in a new space but have an interesting past yourself? Adding a sense of history to your listing helps increasing the value of your space.

  • Location details

After having a clear and realistic idea of your space (thanks to your amazing description), the guest also needs to have a view of what their overall experience will be by describing the neighborhood around you. The location is the primary concern for guests, so why not encourage them to book in your neighborhood? Please note that keywords about a well-known place near your space could also help you to be ranked higher on Google search results.

  • Logistics

How will the guests gain access to your space? What parts of your space are accessible during their booking? How many tables/chairs do you have and how can they be set up? Is there parking or public transportation nearby? Including details about transportation, parking, set up, and access will help eliminate questions and drive qualified guests to your space.

  • Extras

Do you have any extras or equipment that is not included in the space rental? Any extras that the guest must pay extra for outside of the space rental should be disclosed in the description of your space, and not listed in the extras/equipment section. Do you have an extra flip chart which the guest can rent? List the details about those costs here in the description.

> Don’t forget to add 'Please contact Spacebase team to coordinate additional charges'.

  • Encourage reviews from previous clients

Reviews from past guests help enforcing credibility and experience to your space and enlarges your description. So don't forget to remind your guests to drop a few lines on your Spacebase profile after the event.