How to integrate and synchronize a spacebase calendar with an external calendar?

Adding a calendar to your profile is more time efficient for both you and the customer. By having your calendar linked, potential bookers can get an overview of your space schedule and not lose time booking time-frames that have already been taken or are unavailable. In addition to this, they also save time on unnecessary communication about availability with the Spacebase team, and can complete their bookings in a more direct, efficient way.

What are the integration options available

We have two calendar technologies available to make it seamless for you to integrate your external calendar with our platform: Automatic Integration and Manual Integration. Here you can see a comparison to get a better understanding.

Automatic Integration 
Manual Integration
Suitability Integrating standard calendar sources (Google, Outlook, iCloud) Only retrieving or only pushing data to Spacebase. Complex integrations dealing with external tools that support ICS/iCal Feeds
2 way sync Works out of the box Possible, but import and export needs to be set up in two separate steps.
1 way sync Not possible Doable, both for import only or export only
Refresh Rate Nearly in real-time (up to a couple of minutes depending on network conditions) - From your external tool to Spacebase: we'll retrieve data from your calendar regularly every few hours.
- From Spacebase to your external tool: our feed is updated in real time but it's going to be visible in your external tool after a given period that exclusively depends on the refresh rate defined in your tool
Limitations Import and export event starting from 47 days in the past up to 201 days in the future No limitation on import, only data in the future for export
Exclusions Events created in our platform before you attached the calendar.Time-blockers or opening hours set on this calendar page will not automatically sync to external calendars.

Do you need any help setting up one of the two integrations?

We have an article for Automatic integration:

And article for Manual integration:

Time-blockers or opening hours set on this calendar page will not automatically sync to external calendars.