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How to cancel a booking?

You can cancel the booking by yourself on the booking platform directly:

Login on & find your booking under the tab ‘Bookings’
Open the booking & scroll down to the tab ‘Cancellation’ & click on the button ‘CANCEL BOOKING’

Note: Please always opt to cancel yourself as writing to our Support Team may not be fast enough in processing to accommodate cancellation times & respective charges. Thus, cancellations sent by email or as a message under the tab ‘Conversation’ aren’t accepted.

If you cancel a pending booking request (before it’s confirmed) it’s free of charge. We’ll cancel any pre-authorization to your credit card and/or refund any payment received related to the canceled booking request within 14 days.

If you cancel a confirmed booking either prior to or after arriving at the space the cancellation policy of the space provider will apply. Our ability to refund the hire fees or the cancellation fees will depend upon the space provider.

If you cancel a reservation it’s always free of charge. Reservations are non-binding and valid for 3 working days.

Credit Note/Cancellation invoice & refunds

If you cancel outside of the cancellation policy you will receive a 100% refund and a cancellation invoice automatically. The refund might take up to 14 days. The money will be sent to the original payment method.

If your cancellation is too late, cancellation charges apply. You will receive a cancellation invoice automatically. If you paid upfront and the cancellation charge applied 50%, we would refund the other 50%. That might take up to 14 days.

Updated on: 19/01/2024

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