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SpaceGuarantee is a far-reaching, four way protection included in every Spacebase booking.

**1. Event Protection Cover**
In general, our portfolio consists of reliable spaces. A space provider is not allowed to cancel your confirmed booking. If the provider does, we’ll find you a similar or better venue, or we’ll refund you. Our Space Management Team will reach out to the venue in order to solve this matter.

2__. Check-In Security__
If you are not able to check in into your booked space and the provider cannot resolve the issue, we will find you a similar or better space, or we will refund you. Our Support Team is there to help out.

**3. Receive-What-You-Booked Guarantee**
When the space is not as advertised upon arrival - for example when the TV screen is not working as expected and the space provider is not able to fix it immediately - you will have three days to report this case to our Support Team and they will investigate the case.

**4. Extras/services Guarantee**
If you have ordered extras such as catering or a flipchart and they are not offered by the venue, our Support Team is ready to help you as soon as possible.

What is SpaceGuarantee?
SpaceGuarantee is an extra service included in your booking. It includes protection from provider cancellations, get what you booked guarantee, and other issues like trouble checking in, as well as help from our Support Team whenever guaranteed services are not provided/available.

How does SpaceGuarantee work?
If an issue occurs during your meeting, you first need to reach out to the space provider to see if they can resolve it easily. In case they can’t solve it, you have three days from the moment when you discover the problem to contact us - we will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the matter. Whenever the issue is protected by SpaceGuarantee, we will help quickly, either by finding you another space or giving you a refund.

Does SpaceGuarantee protect me if COVID-19 impacts my trip?
COVID-19 related issues are not protected by SpaceGuarantee. If COVID-19 affects your event plans, the space providers cancellation policy will apply.

I’m a Space Provider. Is my space/venue also protected?
Yes, we also offer SpaceGuarantee to our providers. Please reach out to our Support Team to check if the SpaceGuarantee applies.

How is SpaceGuarantee different from an insurance?
SpaceGuarantee is not an insurance but it is a service which is included in every booking. It is there to help out whenever you experience an unlikely issue like provider cancellation, missing a key service or if you have trouble checking in.

Updated on: 19/01/2024

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