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How can I submit my invoice? / Payout process

We do not process invoices sent to us via mail. Please always upload your invoice on the individual booking page on Spacebase, after the event has taken place.

Here you have 2 different options:
Manual payout upload (default setting):: Create an invoice and upload it on the booking page (click on red button “upload invoice”). We will review it and pay within 30 days if everything is correct.
Automatic payout: If you have activated automatic payouts for your venue > you don’t need to upload an invoice. We will send you a credit note via mail and pay the amount to your account within 30 days after the booking date.

How can I activate automatic payouts?

You can set all invoicing and payment settings on venue level. Therefore, edit your venue > select “Booking” in the menu bar and scroll down to “Invoicing”. Here, you have the drop down menu to select the options of payout (Manual/ Automatic per booking/ Monthly automatic payouts).

When selecting monthly automatic payouts, you will receive one collective credit note in the beginning of the month, for all bookings of the previous month. We will pay out the bookings of the previous month collectively by the end of the month after.

Please note:
The option of automatic payouts is only available for companies that are subject to value-added tax (VAT).

We only offer the automatic payout option in the following countries: DE, NL, AT and CH

Where can I add/ change my bank details and invoice address for payouts?

Please make sure to add the correct IBAN and BIC in your profile. You can insert your bank details right under edit venue > “Bookings” > Invoicing. For choosing the automatic payout option, it is obligatory to add your invoice address and VAT number as well.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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