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What is the difference between a Venue and a Space?

If you want to upload your rooms you need to create a Venue as well as a Space. Please note that you need to add a minimum of one space to get bookings and earn money!

The Venue can be seen as a house with multiple rooms in it, those rooms then being the Spaces. Let's say you are renting out a castle - the Venue would then show an overall impression of the whole castle. The Spaces would then represent the rooms you individually rent out within the whole castle. So you would set up an individual space profile for your ballroom, as well as for your dining room if they can be rented separately.
Please note that even if you only have one room to rent out that you still need to create a Venue and a Space profile. In this case, you can add the same information in the Venue profile as in the Space profile.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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