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What is the fair commission for Spacebase service?

At Spacebase, we believe in a flexible commission that we only charge when we actually create new business for you. Therefore, the earnings that we generate for you are largely incremental to your regular business. Our standard commission is 20% on the whole booking price.

We believe 20% is a fair commission that covers all the activities we do for you as a space. Among other things, those are:
Online marketing to acquire customers for you - which can cost up to EUR 150 per booking and more
The development and improvement of our tech-platform that allows you to accept bookings completely automatic at close to zero effort for you
Payment handling and reconciliation fees of 3%+ of the booking value on average
Discovery of new spaces, preparing and maintaining profiles and suggesting you to potential clients as agency service
Fraud prevention and conflict resolution

We believe that the value creation of a booking should be split across all parties based on their contribution. Since our activities are largely focussed in the first place around demand acquisition and booking processing as a whole, our commission applies to the full hire price including extras. We continuously evaluate third party suppliers also for extra services and are happy to provide you with vetted local partners that can provide competitive service prices considering our commission structure.
Over the last years we have invested upfront to improve our offering for you, trying to continuously improve service delivery while making our internal operations more efficient. Therefore we offer you the following services included in our regular pricing:

Marketing & Sales:
SEO Optimization of Content
Content translation and distribution across several platforms
Channel Management across Spacebase sites and 3rd Party-connections
Linkbuilding with relevant websites & magazines for traffic
Content Creation of top-lists and other marketing articles
Social-Media activities
Paid-Marketing in Adwords
Cold-Sales to activate new leads
Distribution to Enterprise Partnerships with negotiated high-volume Rates (Paid Feature)
Agency Service to Enterprises (Paid Feature)

Customer Care & Service Handling:
Customer service handling of bookers
Conflict resolution
Responding to FAQs
Handling payment requests
Suggesting space options for agency requests
Coordinating events series and larger requests
Supporting corporate procurement policies (Paid Feature)
Supplier onboarding for enterprises (Paid Feature)

Transaction & Payment Handling:
Payment collection from bookers
Credit card and Paypal support
Forex-handling and international VAT support
Industry-Standard invoice-writing & accounting
Automated payout to providers
Risk-assessment of bookers
Guaranteed payout (Paid Feature)
Factoring for immediate payout (Paid Feature)

Is the 20% commission negotiable?
If we work very well together and have established strong routines we would love to discuss an alternative compensation scheme that is fair to both of us.
Reach out to us if the following statements apply to you:
You have processed at least 25 bookings through our site and we utilize >20% of your monthly capacity
You have a >95% confirmation rate of bookings or you activated auto-confirm
The largest share of your bookings on your site are repeat clients
Some of our legacy sites follow a different commission/pricing model (e.g. Deskbookers, Eventsofa etc.). These models are outdated and will be phased out over the next couple of months.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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