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What is the payment procedure?

We, Spacebase, are your contractual partner. That means that you are paying us and we are paying the space provider- if not otherwise stated on the booking platform.

First you need to select a payment method, e.g. by clicking on the button ‘SETTLE PAYMENT’ under the tab ‘Accounting’ on the booking platform. Only then the invoice can be created. Second you will be forwarded to the payment page or the invoice including bank details will be sent to you via email to do a remittance.

Generally, bookings have to be paid upfront. Those that wish to pay for the booking after the event can book the extra ‘Late Payment’ when making the booking or after the booking in the ‘Adjust booking’ section of your booking detail page. Then you can pay up to 14 days after the event.

If you are booking a space on or in the USA, you are not able to pay through the Spacebase platform. As per our Terms & Conditions the payment is handled by the space provider directly. The space provider will contact you regarding the payment then. Apart from these cases and unless not otherwise stated on the booking platform space providers are not allowed to ask for a payment outside of the Spacebase platform. Please contact the Support Team in such cases.

Updated on: 19/01/2024

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