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How can I edit a confirmed booking? Can I still adjust the price?

You cannot change the price of the room rental, neither in a booking request nor in a confirmed booking. However, you can still change the date and time, add extras and packages and adjust the number of guests in each of the extras/packages.

To do this, simply scroll down on the booking page to the item "Adjust booking". If you don't find the right package in the extras, create a new package where you can freely define the title, description and price. You then add this to the booking and it will be listed in the invoice. The booker can also change the booking, i.e. add time/date and extras or packages that you have available. Your changes must be approved by the booker first. You can both approve and reject changes from the booker side, and define in your settings how you want to be notified about them under Edit Location > Bookings > Auto-Approve Changes.

If you need any support with adjusting your booking, our team is happy to help out. Simply write us an e-mail with the booking number and the items you would like to change to

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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