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How can I set-up calendar for a multi-room space?

A multi-room space is a space that can be divided into two or more spaces as illustrated below. This is useful for large spaces that come with hefty booking prices due to their sizes. In this case, it would benefit you as a space provider to offer the space as ‘multi-room’ on Spacebase. You would then be able to rent out either the entire/main space (which should block out the sub spaces) or rent out one or more sub spaces (which should block out the main space). You can find out below the steps to set up a calendar for this special scenario.

Steps to set-up the ‘multi-room’ calendar

On the calendar page of Space A connect an external calendar using our Two way sync tool. It will be shown as following:

To block out the sub spaces proceed as above for all other spaces (B, C and as many you can have) with the same automatic.

If one of the spaces is booked, all the other sub spaces and the main space are effectively blocked on the calendar for the booked time slot.
It takes a few minutes for the booked time slot to block across the ‘multi-room’ space. However, in case you would need it to be in sync as soon as possible you can manually trigger the update by clicking on the ‘refresh calendar’ link in the specific section of the calendar page.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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