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How can I switch to direct booking (auto-confirm)?

You can switch on/off Automatic Confirmation for each of your spaces separately. Therefore, follow these steps:
Edit your space
Click on “Availability” in the menu bar
Activate or deactivate auto-confirm with the check-box

Please note that auto-confirm is always activated by default when you create a new space.

Why should I enable auto-confirm?

Here are some benefits of auto-confirmation for you:
Less hassle → no need to manually track incoming booking requests
More bookings → due to a better customer experience and positive reviews
More revenue → due to more bookings
Better chances becoming a Hero Space!

When automatic confirmation is activated, all bookings and reservations will be automatically confirmed when your Spacebase calendar shows your space is available. By activating this feature, you are one step closer to receiving the Hero Badge and becoming a Hero Space.

Calendar: Please keep in mind that you should only enable this feature if you have added and synchronized your electronic calendar to your Spacebase profile, so that your availability is always up to date.
Opening hours: To avoid booking requests outside opening hours, please set these. You can edit them on space level under "Availabilities".
Booking rules: You don't want to receive booking requests at too short notice or don't want to commit too far in advance? That's no problem either. You can set individual booking rules for your spaces, which you can easily find under "Bookings" in your space settings.

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us or make a phone appointment with our team directly here.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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