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How do I make a reservation for a customer?

You can make a reservation only for customers who have previously booked with you via the platform. The customer must confirm the reservation for it to be a confirmed booking. Otherwise, it will be non-binding and automatically declined after 3 days, if the customer does not react.
When logged in, navigate to the menu bar in the right upper corner, where it says “Bookings”.
Here, the drop-down menu folds open, click on “Bookers”
On this page you see an overview of all customers that once booked with your venue before.
Click on “reserve a space” next to your selected customer
Choose the room and click on 'reserve'.
Fill all the Information in this screen and click 'confirm reservation'.

Now the customer will receive an email with the reservation. The customer needs to confirm the reservation on Spacebase to make it a confirmed and binding booking.

What is a reservation?
The booker can make a non-binding reservation request. Please respond to the request within 4 hours to confirm or decline the reservation - otherwise it will be automatically declined after 3 days. After your confirmation, the booker has 3 business days to finally confirm the reservation and thus convert it into a binding booking. Otherwise this reservation will expire.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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