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How do I set-up and price extras for my space?

Why should you offer extras?
Extras such as catering, drinks and coffee & tea will let your venue profile look more appealing to bookers, because they can book everything they need for their event in one place. Bookers will look for and prefer locations that offer the extras they desire - for example coffee, tea and lunch are in high demand for bookers. From our experience, extras can drive up the booking volume and will increase your earnings significantly.

Most importantly, Bookers at the moment of booking want to have a good feeling that they get a “full-service” hassle free experience. If you convince them that you can offer this - your space will be booked.

The following extras are the most demanded ones, that you should provide:
Coffee & tea
Drinks Flatrate
Lunch Budget
Afternoon Snacks
Projector & screen
Especially lunch and coffee/tea options will drive up your earnings most significantly. So we highly recommend to add this to your profile.

From our experience it is important to structure the extras in these standardized categories with an expected price-point as the above level of detail so that bookers are able to make a decision when requesting a space. For example: A Booker knows that they want to have a Lunch for each guest and want to pay about EUR 15 but they don’t exactly know which kind of dish they need. This is where you come in and give the inspiration with the description.


Analyzing thousands of available records we can provide you with some example and reference pricing - feel free to customize it to your particular needs.
Our best selling examples as inspiration:

What is Flat Rate Pricing?
The drinks extras, which are hard to plan-upfront, are priced as flat rate prices per person, for the entire duration of the booking or per day if the booking spans multiple days.

Why do we standardize it?
When Bookers browse our site to book a space they are looking for a full-service offering. For some extras (Coffee for example) it is impossible for Bookers to plan upfront what the exact consumption will be (e.g. Cappuccino or Filter Coffee or Tea, just 1 cup or 4 cup caffeine-intake) and it only matters that the guests are sufficiently served throughout the booking. Offering a flat rate for the extras allows the booker to make a decision during planning and to approve a budget for it. You as a space provider will benefit from the upselling.

Limiting the consumption?
If you would like to limit the consumption we suggest you to price the extra for a 4h booking (e.g. ±3 coffee per person) and add it to the description: “Includes filter coffee for ±3 cups per person throughout the time of the booking.”

Alternatively for Flipcharts for example you can say “We have a total of 3 Flipcharts at our venue and availability is dependent on utilization from other clients”

This is where you can shine and upsell a great offering.

In order to give the booker an idea of what is included in your offerings, you should add a description for each extra. Remember that a booker wants to make sure that the guests are sufficiently served: A generic explanation is sufficient - it is not necessary to state exact ingredients. The goal should be to give the client an indication on what to expect and let them know that it’s a great offer. For example, if you can provide vegan options, it can sound like “Mixed lunch options of sandwiches, soups and side-salads. Vegan options available when needed.”

Of course, if you are offering something extraordinary, it is great to mention it specifically.

Please note that the commission also applies to the extras. We therefore recommend including these in the price.

What do you have to consider?

We charge a commission, including on extras, because as a platform we provide a comprehensive event service that also includes extras and should therefore offer a complete experience for our customers.

Why is that the case?
As a provider, you benefit from enquiries as additional leads and earn a share of the total booking turnover. You are responsible for calculating your services in such a way that our commission is taken into account accordingly in the overall performance. Our services are therefore only marketing costs for you for additional sales. To ensure that we can offer our customers consistent and high-quality services, we charge a commission on all services. This enables us to guarantee consistent quality and ensure that all services offered are comparable.

How do we implement it?
In discussions with caterers, commissions of up to 30% can be agreed as a referral fee, while maintaining standard market prices. You can also negotiate with your caterer on this basis. Customers are also prepared to pay a small surcharge to get catering and room from a single source - so in the end there is enough margin left over for our lead agency and your organisation. It is also advisable to work with reliable partners rather than a simple delivery service in order to avoid possible complications and negotiate better.

If you can't/won't offer catering: Then we recommend activating the "Bring Your Own Food" extra and adding a reference in the description of your profile: For example: "Unfortunately we cannot offer our own catering, but there are many attractive restaurant offers in the area, we especially recommend XYZ"

You would like to know more on how to add and edit these extras in your profile? Click here

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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