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What if my space gets damaged?

The Spacebase platforms are designed to be a peer-to-peer platform that just works with professionalism, easy communication, and trust between all participants. Space providers and bookers rely on these benefits each time they use the service. In the rare incident of disputes between users, the same emphasis on professional communication and trust goes a long way towards reaching a quick and adequate resolution.
By booking through the platform, guests agree to cover any damages that they or their invitees cause during the booking.
In case of damage during the rent, the booker is responsible for any damages. In case of problems with that, our liability insurance might apply.
You will have to report any damage, along with relevant documentation, to our team right after the booking. We will then decide how we handle the specific case.
Keep in mind that guests are encouraged to tidy up and be respectful of your space and personal belongings during the booking, but understand that you as a host are responsible for basic upkeep and removal of the trash.
Please also read our terms and conditions for more detailed information on the topic of Limitation of Liability (found under point 15.)

Should a security deposit be included in a hire fee?
As a space provider, you are allowed to require a security/damage deposit from guests.
However, Spacebase doesn’t support processing deposits through our website, so they should be collected in person at the start of a booking. If there is no damage to a space, a deposit should be returned to a booker after a booking. In case you require this type of deposit, please make sure to clearly state it in the description of your space on Spacebase, including the amount of your deposit.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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