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How to manually integrate a calendar

With manual integration, you integrate a calendar using ICS/iCal feed and you can set up one way or two way synchronization. This is suitable if you just need to integrate it one way or for custom implementations.

Steps to integrate your calendar into Spacebase

To integrate your calendar into Spacebase you’ll need to retrieve the iCal URL address, it contains the unique calendar keys that grants access to the calendar using the customized address. Be aware that you need to make your calendar public for the synchronization to happen. Please note that event names retrieved from your calendar are displayed in Spacebase calendar as ‘Blocked’ to protect your privacy.

Use the following steps for the integration:

Login to your Spacebase account.
Click ‘Venues’ in the upper right corner.
Click ‘Edit’ next to your space

Click ‘Go to Calendar’ on the Provider Bar ´Availability´

Click on 'Import Your ICS/iCal' button below the calendar

Go through the outlined steps to paste the iCal URL that you copied from your calendar and then click on 'Get Calendar'

Steps to integrate Spacebase calendar into your tool

To integrate Spacebase calendar into your calendar instead you will be able to get our feed iCal URL to be used in your tool. Use the following steps to integrate Spacebase events into your own calendar:

Click on ' Export our ICS/iCAL feed' link below the calendar in order to copy the URL

Open your external calendar and look for the new calendar addition link. The image examples below are for Google calendar.

Click on 'From URL'

Paste the ICS/iCal URL that you copied from Spacebase here, make the calendar publicly accessible and then click on 'Add calendar'

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does it take for events to get from my personal calendar to Spacebase?

A: We update calendars regularly every couple of hours. If you need to update the data before the scheduled time, you can click the "Refresh calendars" button to request an urgent update, which normally happens in less than five minutes.

Q: How long does it take for events to get from Spacebase into my personal calendar?

A: Our feed is up to date in real time but it's going to be visible in your external tool after a given period that exclusively depends on the refresh rate defined in your tool. If you integrate your feed in Google Calendar for example their documentation gives 12h up to 24h as a reference.

Q: Can I have a sub-calendar for integrating into Spacebase?

A: Yes. In Google calendar, for example, if you want to have a separate calendar within your main calendar for this purpose, you can do that by clicking on the settings and then click on 'Add calendar' on the left side of the page.

Q: What happens if I open the export url in my browser?

A: You’re going get a snapshot of Spacebase calendar at the time where you open the url. This is contains all the data, but it’s not gonna be updated anymore. To fetch regularly the data from Spacebase you’ll need to integrate the url into your calendar app. We provided an example for Google Calendar just above, but please reference the documentation of your tool.

Q: How can I setup a multiroom calendar?

A: We have a specific article for it

Q: How can I integrate Spacebase calendar into Apple calendar?

A: You can integrate it by clicking on 'file' in the top navigation bar, then 'new calendar subscription', enter the copied url and click 'subscribe'. You can also set the interval for the synchronization by clicking on 'Auto-refresh' after subscribing.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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